Chromium is a key nutrient involved in the regulation of our blood glucose levels and insulin activity. In recent years, the angle of research has shifted from its effects on insulin and diabetes, to the more specific benefits for weight loss.

As more research emerges on the effects of chromium on weight loss, popularity in supplementation is on the rise. Though, with this comes speculation around the best form of chromium to supplement with.

With the many forms available, the burning questions include which is the best form, which is the safest, and which is the most beneficial for weight loss?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about GTF chromium vs chromium picolinate!

What is the Role of Chromium?

Chromium is classified as an “essential trace mineral”, meaning we only need small amounts for human health.

The main role of chromium in the body is to regulate blood sugar levels by controlling insulin activity.

Insulin is the hormone involved in the regulation of blood glucose levels, and a lack of insulin or poor insulin activity can lead to symptoms of diabetes.

You can find traces of chromium in foods such as meat, grains, nuts, and brewer’s yeast.

Chromium can also be supplemented to prevent insufficiencies and for its potential benefits in improving insulin action and aiding weight loss.

The Benefits of Chromium Supplementation

While chromium supplementation mainly addresses any nutrient insufficiencies, it is also thought to have additional benefits in improving insulin activity. Let’s dive a little deeper into this!

  • Chromium for Improving Insulin Action

Insulin is the hormone responsible for managing the amount of glucose in our blood, which is essential for controlling our blood sugar levels and preventing the increased risk of developing symptoms of diabetes.

For a healthy individual, insulin works to signal the cells to use blood glucose as energy. Though, in individuals with insulin sensitivity issues or diabetes, insulin doesn’t work how it’s supposed to.

Research has highlighted the potential benefits of chromium supplementation on enhancing insulin activity in those with diabetes.

With enhanced insulin activity comes a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and other metabolic conditions, specifically in those who are overweight or obese.

  • Chromium for Aiding Weight Loss

Studies have shown that as chromium improves insulin action, this may also aid efforts to lose weight by two means:

1. Research has suggested chromium supplementation may improve body composition and potentially reduce BMI in those with impaired glucose tolerance.1

Some studies have shown that through the action and effects on insulin activity, chromium may also aid weight loss.

2. Studies have shown that chromium may help reduce food cravings. As food cravings are typically one of the biggest boundaries to losing weight, this can provide fairly effective support. The mechanism behind this is not yet fully understood, but it appears promising thus far.

GTF Chromium vs Chromium Picolinate: Which is Better for Weight Loss?

You’re probably wondering why there are different forms of chromium. Is there a reason for this?

Yes, chromium is actually a pretty tricky mineral to absorb on its own. So, it’s often combined with different ingredients to increase absorption and the effectiveness of the supplement.

Before we get into which form is better for weight loss, it would be good to note the obvious differences between GTF chromium and chromium picolinate.

Chromium picolinate is the most popular form found in supplements. It is combined with picolinic acid to enhance absorption.

Whereas GTF (glucose tolerance factor) chromium is the biologically active form of chromium found in brewer’s yeast.

But which form is better for weight loss?

To put it simply, GTF chromium is the naturally occurring form of chromium. This form is often used in research when looking at the effects on insulin activity and weight loss, making this appear the more reliable form for weight loss.

GTF chromium is also thought to be better absorbed and safer in comparison to other forms.

So, our conclusion is that GTF chromium is the better, more effective form of chromium for weight loss.

A Final Word

While GTF chromium seems to be the better option for weight loss, it’s also important to note that to fully optimize fat loss, chromium is best taken in combination with other fat burning ingredients.

Burn Lab Pro is the perfect example of a fat burner that combines GTF Chromium with 4 other effective fat burning ingredients:

  • Forslan Forskolin
  • Capsimax cayenne pepper extract
  • HMB
  • Black pepper extract

Burn Lab Pro enhances training performance, optimizes calorie burn, and preserves lean muscle, making this the most effective fat burner on the market!


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