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Burn Lab Pro® unites today's 5 top ingredients for fat loss, training intensity, muscle gain and more.

Forslean® 375 MG

Burn Lab Pro® features ForsLean® as the world's most powerful and research-backed ingredient for burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

ForsLean® is an advanced form of Coleus forskohlii, an Ayurvedic root herb that supplies active forskolin. It triggers a hormonal cascade that boosts fat breakdown, fat burning, metabolic rate, muscle growth, and more.

In conjunction with diet and exercise, ForsLean® bioactivities unleash significant fat loss + muscle gain results which have been demonstrated in no less than 4 human clinical research studies.

ForsLean® is the only Coleus forskohlii shown in human research to help shed fat and build muscle


Burn Lab Pro® Forslean®

  • ForsLean® is patented, standardized, research-backed Coleus forskohlii
  • Precisely calibrated to supply 10% of the active ingredient forskolin
  • Shown to be safe, effective and well-tolerated in multiple clinical trials
  • Helps fat breakdown, fat burning, muscle preservation, muscle gain
  • Bonus nootropic benefits for stress resistance, focus, mood, clarity

Capsimax® 75 MG

Burn Lab Pro® features Capsimax® for its research-backed ability to maximize bodyfat calorie burnoff and minimize food calorie intake.

Capsimax® regulates hormones that increase body heat and fat breakdown & burning while blocking fat storage and controlling appetite. Ultimately, CapsiMax® improves energy balance to help you burn more calories than you consume.

Research has suggested people taking Capsimax® may consume 140 fewer calories and burn 130 more calories per day – a 270 calorie swing that may equate to a lot more fat burned when CapsiMax® is taken consistently over time.

Burn Lab Pro® Capsimax® is the most effective cayenne pepper fat burner on the market


Burn Lab Pro® Capsimax®

  • Capsimax® chili pepper extract is standardized to 2% active capsaicinoids
  • Shown to be safe & effective for fat loss in multiple clinical trials
  • Helps maximize fat breakdown and fat burning during exercise
  • Provides stimulant-like fat loss benefits without caffeine or jitters
  • OmniBeads™ protect capsaicinoids from stomach acids for peak absorption, activity & comfort

HMB ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate 1500 MG

Burn Lab Pro® includes HMB as an athletic intensity booster that preserves muscle, helps burn fat and enhances lean body results across all fitness programs.

HMB supplies a balanced combination of muscle-sparing, muscle-building and muscle recovery benefits that support lean muscle mass – especially in conjunction with high-intensity training, fasted training and exercising on a calorie deficit.

HMB continues working after your training session. It promotes promotes maximum muscle growth and accelerates muscle recovery, helping you get back to your next training session sooner, faster, bigger and stronger.

Research links HMB with lower levels of 3-MH: A marker of muscle protein breakdown.


Burn Lab Pro® HMB

  • High-absorption Calcium ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate form
  • Supplied at a clinically backed 1500 mg dosage per serving
  • Rigorously tested to confirm quality, purity and potency
  • Delivers HMB's greatest athletic and body composition benefits

NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium 90 MCG

Burn Lab Pro® leverages NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium's insulin-enhancing activity to help you use blood glucose for energy instead of storing it as fat.

GTF Chromium is trace mineral with cofactors found in whole foods like brewer's yeast. GTF Chromium is a key mineral for fat loss and body composition, primarily due to its ability to enhance insulin activity.

Optimized insulin helps fitness-driven fat loss in many ways: It controls appetite, fuels muscles, stabilizes energy and fights insulin resistance that packs on pounds. Research analyses have linked GTF chromium to significant body weight reduction.

Clean-cultured with whole-food cofactors.

GTF Chromium

Burn Lab Pro® NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium

  • Advanced mineral form grown on cultures in a state-of-the-art laboratory
  • Complexed with whole-food cofactors to boost absorption & bioavailability
  • Clean, eco-friendly & highly efficient chromium mineral form to produce
  • Presented as Glucose Tolerance Factor: Only chromium form that enhances insulin

BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract
(95% piperine) 3.75 MG

Burn Lab Pro® includes BioPerine® to fire up body heat for peak calorie burning, as well as to boost nutrient absorption and help the whole formula work even better.

Bioperine® black pepper extract's active piperine helps with fat loss primarily as a thermogenic. It stimulates a rise in body heat (thermogenesis) that accelerates calorie burning. Piperine is also suggested to block the formation of new fat cells.

Bioperine® is patented for increasing the absorption and bioavailability (amount that reaches bloodstream) of other nutrients. A unique metabolism-boosting bioenhancer, Bioperine® helps you get more nutritional benefits from foods and supplements.

World's best thermonutrient + bioenhancer.


Burn Lab Pro® BioPerine®

  • BioPerine® is highly purified and powerful black pepper extract
  • Calibrated to 95% piperine (raw black pepper is only 3-9% piperine)
  • Patented bioenhancer increases amount of nutrients that reach bloodstream
  • Recommended for combination with cayenne capsaicin in Burn Lab® Pro

Burn Lab Pro® Ingredient Synergy

With just 5 Ingredients, Burn Lab Pro® delivers 15+ benefits for ↓ Fat + ↑ Exercise + ↑ Muscle results.

Burn Lab Pro® ingredients also team up and boost each other's beneficial activities in many ways.

It all adds up to the most efficient, powerful and effective fat burner ever developed: Burn Lab Pro®.

To unleash full fat-burning synergy, take Burn Lab Pro® in combination with your diet and fitness program: 30 minutes before exercise on training day and with your first meal on rest day.

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