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5 cutting-edge ingredients


ForsLean® Coleus Forskohlii

375 MG


Capsimax® Cayenne Pepper Extract

75 MG


HMB ß-Hydroxy ß-Methylbutyrate

1500 MG

GTF Chromium

NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium

90 MCG


BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract

3.75 MG

Stacked for 15+ fat-burning, exercise-boosting, muscle-building benefits

Research links Burn Lab Pro® ingredients ForsLean®, Capsimax®, HMB, NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium and BioPerine® to support for 15+ key bio-functions that boost ↓ Fat + ↑ Exercise + ↑ Muscle results, including:

Fat breakdown

Total energy expenditure (TEE)

Muscle buffering

Fat mobilization

Blood sugar regulation

Muscle preservation

Fat burning

Thyroid function

Muscle recovery

Thermogenesis (body heat)

Fat blocking


Metabolic rate

Appetite control

Energy balance

Calorie burning

Muscle energy

Body composition

Blood sugar balance

Training intensity

Food metabolism

Smart Burn Lab Pro® Synergy

The Burn Lab Pro® advantage : Return to exercise sooner, faster, stronger, leaner, and get even more out of your next cycle.


Take 3 Burn Lab Pro® caps 30 minutes before training to prime your body.

During Exercise

Burn Lab Pro® boosts training intensity and calorie burning while preserving muscle.


Burn Lab Pro® maintains elevated calorie burning, builds lean muscle, accelerates recovery, controls appetite.

Supplement Facts

Burn Lab Pro® formula design starts and sustains a positive ↓ Fat + ↑ Exercise + ↑ Muscle cycle

Burn Lab Pro<sup>®</sup> Cycle

Burn Lab Pro® ↓ Fat

Fat Mobilization & Breakdown (Lipolysis)

The driving force behind fat loss, lipolysis is when the body breaks down the fats (triglycerides) that are stored within fat cells so they can then be moved out and burned.

Burn Lab Pro®

ForsLean®, Capsimax® & BioPerine®, HMB

Stimulate lipolysis and enhance its activity via hormone signaling. Sparking lipolysis before training maximizes fat-burning during your session.



Both strength training and endurance training enhance lipolysis. The intensity of the exercise, whether strength or endurance, is directly proportional to the increase in fat breakdown.

Fat Burning (Fat Oxidation)

In fat oxidation, fatty acids from fat cells or the bloodstream are funneled into cells' powerhouse mitochondria, where they are "burned" to produce energy. Fat oxidation is enhanced by:

Burn Lab Pro®

ForsLean®, Capsimax® & BioPerine®

All have been shown to support increased fat burning activity, with the best results achieved when taken in proximity to exercise (immediately before or immediately after)



Unlike lipolysis, as exercise intensity rises fat oxidation declines. Maximum fat oxidation occurs in less-intense submaximal exercise (under 65% VO2max). Endurance training increases the body's fat oxidation rate and capacity to oxidize fat.

Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)

Total Energy Expenditure is the number of calories you burn over 24 hours. TEE is influenced by thermogenesis (body heat that burns calories), metabolic rate (speed of calorie-burning), exercise and other factors.

Burn Lab Pro®

ForsLean®, Capsimax® & BioPerine

Stimulate hormones that spark and intensify thermogenesis and raise metabolism. BioPerine® is so effective at thermogenesis that it is patented as a Thermonutrient™. Capsimax® is shown to boost resting energy expenditure to 130 kcal/day (average adult is 30 kcal/day).



Exercise may be the most direct way to significantly raise total energy expenditure. Burn Lab Pro® helps increase exercise intensity, adding yet another layer of TEE synergy.

Calorie Intake Reduction

Cutting calories is fundamental for fat loss, but low energy intake can diminish exercise and potentially break down muscle to use as a source of energy. Strategic calorie reduction with Burn Lab Pro® maximizes its fat loss potential.

Burn Lab Pro®

Capsimax® & HMB

Red hot chili peppers have been shown to safely reduce appetite in research. HMB helps via a separate pathway: During fasting and calorie restriction, it maintains training performance and protects muscle from breakdown.



Exercising on a calorie deficit or while fasting is one of the most effective ways to burn fat. Burn Lab Pro® synergizes with this strategy because it helps control appetite, intensify fasted training performance, and preserve muscle while exercising on a calorie deficit.

Fat Storage (Lipogenesis)

Lipogenesis refers to when excess calories are made into new fat cells. Certain lifestyle issues, insulin imbalances, age and other factors can encourage the body to form fat more easily. Burn Lab Pro® can help.

Burn Lab Pro®

NutriGenesis® Chromium GTF, Capsimax® & BioPerine®

Combined support includes fighting the insulin resistance that encourages fat storage and signalling the body to burn fat as a primary source of energy.



Exercise burns fat during your session, but does not affect lipogenesis before or after your session.

Burn Lab Pro® ↑ Exercise

Muscle Strength, Growth & Performance

Muscle drives the athletic training that burns calories, builds more muscle and promotes the lean body composition associated with ideal weight and advanced fitness.

Burn Lab Pro®

HMB, NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium, ForsLean®

Combine to enhance insulin's fueling of hard-working muscle, buffering muscles during exertion, and stimulating growth factor, anabolic hormones and muscle protein synthesis (MPS) after training.



Exercise improves lean muscle mass and training performance by boosting muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and stimulating creation of fresh new mitochondria (cell powerplants).

Burn Lab Pro® ↑ Muscle

Training Intensity

Consistent exercise of sufficient intensity is crucial for burning calories and building muscle. Burn Lab Pro® is designed to be combined with a fitness program. It includes support for exercise performance.

Burn Lab Pro®

HMB, NutriGenesis® GTF Chromium

GTF Chromium helps insulin drive fuel (glucose) into muscles that powers exercise. HMB is the formula's exercise-booster. It buffer muscles from exertion, extends endurance and improve strength. HMB has been shown to enhance peak power, average power and speed in combat athletes.



Burn Lab Pro® helps power you through exercise and make it more enjoyable, helping to set in motion the consistent fitness regimen that delivers the greatest possible fat burning results.

Muscle Preservation

Fasted training or intense exercise on a calorie deficit are highly effective for fat loss. However, with no other substrates available, your body may break down muscle tissue for energy. Burn Lab Pro® can help.

Burn Lab Pro®

HMB, ForsLean®

HMB neutralizes enzymes that break down muscle during and after training (especially calorie-restricted or fasted training); ForsLean® is suggested in research to preserve lean muscle during fat loss.

Muscle Recovery

Muscle growth is key to achieving high-metabolism lean-muscle body composition. Muscle recovery is crucial for maintaining the consistent training schedule associated with the best fitness results.

Burn Lab Pro®

HMB, ForsLean®, & NutriGenesis GTF Chromium®

HMB is popular among athletes for a range of ergogenic benefits, including muscle recovery. HMB muscle recovery is especially valuable during fasted training and calorie deficit fat loss diets. ForsLean® stimulates anabolic hormones, & NutriGenesis GTF Chromium® drives amino acids into muscle tissues, all of which further support speedy recovery.

Burn Lab Pro® ingredients also have bonus benefits beyond the above that help you succeed at all your fitness goals, including support for motivation, mood, stress resistance, mental clarity, muscle aches and more.

Burn Lab Pro® Results

Fat loss and exercise work synergistically, because training helps you burn calories AND build the lean muscle physique that burns calories and maintains fat loss more efficiently.

Burn Lab Pro® optimizes fat loss + exercise synergy with the most intelligent fat burner formula ever: The HOLY GRAIL of fat burners because it helps you blast fat and build muscle at the same time.

Because of this amazing design, Burn Lab Pro® is the most effective human fat burner ever developed, whether you are a man or a woman, younger or older, a beginner or a trained athlete.

Ultimate result: a lean-muscle physique made easier, healthier and more sustainable than ever before.


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