HMB is one of the best natural supplements you can take during a cut.

While it may not have any fat burning properties of its own, HMB has one unique property that makes it one of the best ingredients you can have in a fat burner: it prevents muscle protein breakdown.

Sounds too good to be true, we know.

But it is.

Still, few people today utilize HMB to maximize their progress and protect their gains during a cut. The average guy in the gym doesn't understand how to best use HMB for optimal results.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at HMB dosing, answering the question: how mich HMB do you really need to take per day to see results? But first, let's take a look at what HMB actually is and how it works.

What Does HMB Do?

We now have dozens of robust clinical trials showing exactly the same thing; athletes given a high-quality HMB supplement exhibit significantly reduced muscle mass loss during periods of intensive training, caloric restriction, and even fasted training.

What’s amazing is that HMB does not appear to impact fat loss in any way, so it doesn’t interfere with your ability to shed excess body fat.

Nor does it appear to have any side effects or adverse health effects of any kind, even long-term.

All HMB does is protect your gains!

This is why we are convinced that HMB is destined to become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements in the world; it is too effective and seemingly free of downsides.

But as it stands today, few people even know what HMB is, let alone what it can do or how you’re supposed to use it!

One question we frequently get asked by people looking to use Burn Lab Pro to keep their gains while they lose fat is, how much HMB should you take every day?

Is more HMB better?

What is the lowest dose of HMB you can take and see benefits?

What is the optimal dose of HMB to take per day for maximum muscle mass retention?

To answer these questions, we need to first look at how HMB actually works.

How Does HMB Actually Work?

HMB is a naturally occurring substance; it is found in the human body in varying amounts, predominantly in your muscles.

We do not yet know all of the functions of HMB in the body. But we do know what HMB is intimately involved in muscle protein synthesis, destruction and maintenance. It is a metabolite of L-Leucine, which has long been referred to as an “anabolic trigger”. This is because the presence of Leucine appears to be a biological signal which starts muscle protein synthesis.

About 10% of the Leucine you consume gets converted to HMB. This HMB, it seems, acts to inhibit the breakdown of proteins in your muscle tissue.

There is some disagreement over how HMB works, but it seems likely that it works primarily by inhibiting proteasomes.

Proteasomes are bundles of proteins which are responsible for destroying old, damaged and unwanted proteins.

This is an essential process for maintaining overall health and longevity; protein cycling (or rather poor protein cycling) is implicated in the ageing process. But if your goal is to maximize muscle mass and limit muscle loss while cutting, then muscle protein breakdown is the last thing you want!

How does HMB work

By inhibiting the proteasomes which normally destroy muscle tissue proteins, HMB effectively stops muscle mass loss.

This is what makes HMB so uniquely beneficial for bodybuilders, strength athletes and professional fighters.

No other natural supplement can prevent muscle loss at the level of protein breakdown. In fact, completely preventing muscle tissue loss while losing significant amounts of fat is normally impossible without the use of dangerous and illegal performance enhancing drugs.

Because HMB prevents muscle protein breakdown, it allows you to enter a deep caloric deficit – and to train in a deep caloric deficit – without worrying about losing all your gains.

HMB even allows you to train in a fasted state without losing significant amounts of muscle mass – something always thought impossible by bodybuilders, fighters and other athletes who depend on dropping body fat rapidly while staying strong and powerful.

So, how do you enjoy these benefits too?

How much HMB should you take if you want to minimize muscle mass loss while trying to cut fat?

What is the best dose of HMB to take every day while cutting?

HMB Dosage: How much should you take?

As we’ve already discussed, HMB is an incredibly powerful tool for anybody looking to lose a significant amount of fat without also losing pounds of valuable muscle mass.

But how much does it take?

How much HMB should you take every day for the best results?

HMB dosage

We recommend taking 1500mg of high-quality HMB every day. This dose has been used in several clinical trials which showed major benefits from HMB supplementation. At 1500mg of HMB per day, side effects are unheard of, and any more per day is likely to give you diminishing returns.

Taking more than 3000mg of HMB per day is thought to be completely pointless. Once HMB has effectively prevented proteasomes from destroying muscle proteins, then more HMB isn’t going to do anything; it can’t do any more to prevent muscle mass loss beyond this dose.

To some degree, this is true of 1500mg per day.

Studies using more than 1500mg do not show meaningfully greater benefits than those using 1500mg per day. The difference in cost between 1500mg and 3000mg is not justified by added benefits.

That’s why we formulated Burn Lab Pro to contain 1500mg of highly bioavailable HMB. This dose is the sweet spot between effectiveness, safety and value for money.

We think 1500mg of HMB per day is enough for anybody to see major benefits, regardless of your current physique, diet, or training intensity. It is important to take HMB every day to enjoy maximum benefits.